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Hearing Health Checklist Poster. Often information is first learned from reading posters while waiting for an appointment. If you would like free posters of the Hearing Health Checklist in English and/or Spanish for your office, please indicate your language preference and quantities.

Video "Preventing Developmental Delays"

If a parent suspects their baby or young child has a hearing loss the best thing you as a pediatrician can do is to recommend a diagnostic hearing evaluation with a pediatric audiologist. Call (210) 824-0632 or email to refer to Sunshine Cottage and schedule an appointment.

Did You Know…

  • That with 3 of every 1,000 newborns having a hearing loss, it is the most frequently occurring birth defect and is more than twice that of all genetic and metabolic disorders identified by blood screens?
  • That an additional 3% develop hearing loss after birth?
  • 95% of children born with hearing loss have hearing parents?
  • Newborn babies are screened at birth in Texas hospitals, are referred for a diagnostic evaluation after not passing a second screen, and when identified with hearing loss can be fitted with hearing aids within 6 weeks of life?
  • If left undetected, hearing impairments in infants can negatively impact speech and language acquisition, academic achievement, and social and emotional development?
  • Informal assessing, such as pot banging, shaking keys behind the child's head, or calling to the child, is not reliable?
  • Infants with hearing are learning to process speech and understand language and are quite linguistically sophisticated by 1 year of age?
  • The neurons in the auditory brain stem of infants are maturing, and billions of major neural connections are being formed? During this time, the auditory brain stem and thalamus are just beginning to connect to the auditory cortex.
  • When sensory input to the auditory nervous system is interrupted, especially during early development, the morphology and functional properties of neurons in the central auditory system can break down?
  • A mild hearing loss (greater than 15 dB HL but less than 40 dB HL) can seriously affect the overall development of an infant or child and therefore needs to be aided?

By early identification of hearing loss, fitting a baby with hearing aids and enrolling the baby and family in an intervention program, we aren’t fixing a delay; we’re preventing it from ever occurring!