Sunshine Cottage Update with Mark Eads - 09-18-2020

Sunshine Cottage Update with Mark Eads - 09-18-2020

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  • My Little Piece of Heaven

    The apple of my eye, my little piece of heaven, my answered prayer, the one who has completed our family.

  • Historia de Ramos

    En el 2006 procedentes de México y con un futuro incierto Sunshine se convirtió en un rayo de luz que ha iluminado de esperanza el futuro de nuestros hijos.

    In 2006, coming from Mexico and with an uncertain future, Sunshine became a ray of light that illuminated the future of our children with hope.

  • Our Journey with Cooper

    My name is Heidi Stevener and my husband Robert and I have two children, an 8 year old daughter named Mariella and a 5 yr. old son named Cooper. We moved to San Antonio 14 years ago and of all the places God could have landed us we never knew why it was San Antonio, considering neither one of our families live here, until our son was born.

  • How My Child with Hearing Loss Taught Me to Listen

    Silence was all around me as I swayed in the rocking chair with my sleeping four-month-old son. Fancy electrodes covered his tiny forehead, and squishy ear buds lay in his baby ears. Silence mixed with the hushed voices of pediatric audiologists and the faint tones coming from the ear buds.

An exceptional school and so much more.

At Sunshine Cottage, children with hearing loss become part of a community centered on enriching lives and improving listening, language and speech. Every child is embraced by our dedicated staff and provided with the necessary skills to learn in a rich auditory-oral environment. All children and their families benefit from the outstanding educational environment and strong support system spanning their Sunshine Cottage experience.

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