Parent-Infant Program

The Parent-Infant Program at Sunshine Cottage provides parent-focused, child-driven intervention for families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing birth to three years. Our mission is to guide and coach parents to assume the role as the primary language facilitators in order to fire and wire their child’s brain for listening. Our program is dedicated to counsel parents about hearing loss, hearing technology and advocacy. Parents learn to implement strategies to develop auditory skills that support spoken language. We endorse the development of fluent listening and spoken language as the foundation for literacy and future academic success.

Program Overview

  • Individualized therapy sessions are center-based. Families are also offered home visits and/or tele-intervention as determined by your team.
  • Each family is assigned a Parent Infant Advisor (PIA) and Pediatric Audiologist. PIA’s serve as case managers coordinating educational and audiological management.
  • Parent-Infant Advisors hold Masters degrees and are certified teachers of the deaf. PIA’s are certified or pursuing certification as Listening and Spoken Language Specialists by the A.G. Bell Academy.
  • Families benefit from the Hearing Aid Loaner Evaluation and Education Program.
  • This program provides the most advanced hearing equipment on a trial basis.
  • Therapy sessions can be conducted in English and Spanish. We honor each family’s primary language.
  • We provide opportunities for families to connect through Parent Group Meetings and My Family and Me celebrations.

Your Family’s Commitment

Intensive parental involvement is imperative for your child’s development of listening and spoken language. You are the agent of change and therefore the primary focus of therapy. Carry over of learned strategies outside of sessions is crucial as learning occurs throughout the day. Your commitment is paramount for your child to reach his/her maximum potential.

Your family will:

  • Ensure the use of hearing technology during all waking hours
  • Provide a language rich environment
  • Attend individual sessions and audiological appointments
  • Implement learned strategies within daily routines
  • Attend Parent Group Meetings
  • Connect with other families through My Family and Me celebrations