Speech-Language Pathology

Our mission is to collaborate with audiologists, teachers, and families to help students reach their full listening and spoken language potential. Using evidence-based practice, we provide individualized therapy to support listening, speech, and language growth.  With appropriate amplification, early intervention, family commitment, and quality therapy services, students who are deaf or hard of hearing are often able to achieve listening and spoken language skills comparable to typically hearing peers.

Program Overview

The Speech Department at Sunshine Cottage consists of six licensed and certified speech-language pathologists. Additionally, all speech-language pathologists are certified or pursuing certification as Listening and Spoken Language Specialists (LSLS) by the A.G. Bell Academy.

  • Evaluations
    • All students who are interested in enrollment at Sunshine Cottage receive a speech and language evaluation
    • Students who are deaf or hard of hearing are formally evaluated for articulation, language, and vocabulary annually
    • Typically hearing children kindergarten through fifth grade are screened for their speech and language once a year
    • Consultations with families enrolled in the Parent-Infant Program are provided as needed
  • Therapy
    • Individualized listening, speech, and language services are provided for students preschool through fifth grade who are deaf or hard of hearing
    • Bilingual therapy services are available and provided to increase students’ proficiency in their home language
    • Extended services are provided to children who complete fifth grade at Sunshine Cottage
  • Mentorship and Supervision
    • Department members provide listening and spoken language (LSLS) mentorship to individuals seeking certification
    • Graduate student supervision is provided for clinical placements in partnership with many universities
  • Professional Memberships
    • American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA)
    • Alexander Graham Bell Association (A.G. Bell)
    • American Cochlear Implant Alliance (ACIA)
    • Texas Speech-Language Hearing Association (TSHA)