SAN ANTONIO - An annual tradition at Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children is bringing out the inner artists in many of its students.

Students, as young as the pre-K level, are getting their hands dirty and becoming little Picassos.

"Art is great for kids. It gives them an outlet to come in to express themselves creatively," art teacher Giovi Carrola said.

For almost 20 years, Carrola has been apart of putting together a Fine Arts Night. This year the theme is "Art in Nature."

Kylene Kramer, 8, is one of the students who will be showcasing her work. She made a shadow box with different objects she found outside.

"I have a flower, a shell, a little piece of glass and an acorn," Kylene said.

Their masterpieces will be on full display during Friday's Fine Arts Night. The kids will also get to mingle with local artists in attendance.

This latest art project is all part of the school mission to provide the kids with the foundation to become independent.

"I think if you just tap into it and offer them these possibilities, they go with it, and they are highly creative," Carrola said.