There were 2 things that got me through college... well, 3 if you count my cat.
Coffee and keyboard shortcuts.

We al know about coffee and just how amazing this elixir of life is. Some of you may know a little about keyboard shortcuts while others have no idea what I'm talking about.

Keyboard shortcuts are an amazing way for you to cut wasted seconds out of your workflow and make your computing life that much faster and efficient.

There are literally thousands of keyboard shortcuts out there and a lot of them vary from app to app, but there are those that are universal for both Mac and PC.

Here are a few of my favorites (substitute the COMMAND key on the mac for the ALT key on the PC for those of you caught in uncertain limbo):
The "+" doesn't count. It's just there to illustrate "this key and (+) that key.

  • Copy and Paste = CMD+C and CMD+V
  • Cut and Paste = CMD+C and Option+CMD+V
    This one is the only really different one on a PC. To "cut" and "paste" on a PC it's ALT+X and ALT+V
  • Save and Save As = CMD+S and CMD+SHIFT+S
  • Print = CMD+P
  • Find = CMD+F
  • Open a document = CMD+O
  • Create a new document = CMD+N
  • Fast switch between open apps = CMD+TAB (my favorite)
  • Quickly search for something or open an app on your Mac = CMD+SPACEBAR
  • Set a website as a bookmark in your browser of choice = CMD+D

Hope these help!

And, for your enjoyment, my baby boy who kept me sane through college!