1 vinyl folder with brads and pockets (any color)

2 spiral notebooks: 70 pages–wide ruled (any color)

2 (3 ring) binder 1 inch in size with a clear sleeve on the front

1 (25-50 count) set of clear plastic sleeves for newsletters

4 bottles of Elmer’s glue (4 oz each)

1 packs of large (.7 oz.) glue sticks

1 standard size backpack on wheels (big enough to hold notebooks and lunchbox) 

1 lunchbox for daily packed cold lunch

1 small blanket and small pillow for napping

1 (1 inch) tri/quad fold napping mat

1 set of Broad Tip Crayola Washable Markers (primary colors)

1 box of Crayola crayons

1 set washable watercolors

1 pair of child scissors (broad/round tip)

1 large pencil box

2 changes of clothing, to include weather appropriate tops & bottoms, 2+ underwear, 2+ socks, and a pair of shoes (Used for accidents and spills. Please label all clothing items with your child’s name.)*

1 green Sunshine Cottage t-shirt for fieldtrips (Purchase at front desk)

3 plain white t-shirts to make t-shirts for special events throughout the year (buy size up to fit your child as they grow throughout the year)

In Addition, hearing impaired children need the following items:


1 set of batteries (appropriate for your child’s equipment)*

If your child uses F.M. in the classroom you will need to purchase the special Rayovac batteries from the front desk or audiology department for battery life.

1 additional 3-ring binder with 5+ dividers

*You may need to replenish items marked with an asterisk.