1 - large school box

1 - pair of scissors

1 - 12 pk. Crayola colored pencils

1 - ruler (with inches and centimeters)

3 - Plastic hole-punched folders 

6 - spiral notebooks 150 pg. count (wide-ruled) 

     (1 each: green, blue, purple, yellow, red, one more of any color)

1 - one inch three ring binder

1 - package of notebook paper (200 ct. wide-ruled)

1 - package (8) dividers with tabs

1 - pencil pouch for backpack

The following supplies will be for community use,  (but NOT shared between students) so please do not label with your child’s name or invest in very fancy or expensive versions:

24 - Ticonderoga #2 pencils

3 - White bar erasers

1 - package of 4 blue or black ballpoint pens (erasable is optional)

1 - package of 4 red ballpoint pens (erasable is optional)

2 - highlighters

2 - large glue sticks

For all students who are D/HH: Extra batteries every day; Either Ear Gear or a headband for P.E./Recess

All students: Drawstring backpack (if available) and blue Sunshine Cottage t-shirt for field trips

If you are sending any sanitizing materials, please send UNscented. Also, we can always use additional disinfecting wipes, tissues, and hand sanitizer upon returning to campus.