Sarah Carpenter

Sarah Carpenter received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Special Education from the University of Texas San Antonio followed by a Master’s Degree in Deaf Education and Hearing Sciences from the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. She has 12 years of teaching experience in early childhood at Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children in San Antonio, Texas and has served as grade lead teacher for preschool. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Sarah has been a mentor to novice teachers and graduate students completing their student teaching. Sarah is a certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS). She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences of working with young children who are deaf and hard of hearing. She has co-presented for numerous workshops and webinars, ranging in content from early childhood, to literacy and the Cottage Acquisition Scales for Listening, Language, and Speech (CASLLS). Additionally, Sarah shares her knowledge enhancing educational products on behalf of Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children. Sarah and her husband, Clay, have four young girls and a dog, Cooper, among many other pets!