Housekeeper 12 2020.pdf

Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children

 Job Title:                Housekeeper

Reports to:              Maintenance Supervisor

Revised:                  December 14, 2020

Objective:     Maintain excellent housekeeping and safety standards 

Dust all furniture as needed.  Deep cleans and oils all furniture during summer months before new school year begins.

Clean and disinfect Discovery Kitchens and Main Kitchen.

Clean, disinfect and replenish girls’ and women’s bathrooms, daily.

Set-up and prepare boardroom for Board meetings, i.e. tea, coffee, silverware and plates. 

           (once a month)

Set-up and prepare lunchroom (Commons) for all student lunches.  Maintain cleanliness in teacher workroom.

Clean all classrooms, i.e., dusting, vacuuming, etc. at end of day. Complete in the morning before school starts. 

Dust all front offices once a week, water plants.

Assist with school events on an as needed basis, such as holiday events.

Clean out refrigerator(s) in teacher’s workroom and main kitchen on a timely basis.

Maintain organization and order supplies for pantry in main kitchen and all maintenance storage rooms and water closets.

Maintain housekeeping standard for Parent Infant Department every morning.

Collect dirty linen and wash cloths; able to operate washing machine and dryer.

Take trash collected at end of day to dumpster directly across maintenance door.

  • Excellent attendance history; must have reliable method of transportation and be punctual.
  • Willing to take initiative, able to work with little supervision.
  • Responsive and flexible.  Able to work well with others and alone.
  • Must pass a criminal history check.